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Mini-Course Critical Thinking Puzzled thinker

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Intellectual Standards Are Used to Assess Thinking

People who want to develop their thinking, their own decisions, to question the existing hypotheses, as well as to put forward new ideas, need guidance, which helped to move in the right direction. Here are the basic criteria for the assessment of his thoughts, which highlights critical thinking:

The original was taken here:  Intellectual Standards Are Used to Assess Thinking


Questions а critical thinker ascs

In order to give our thinking in the right direction, to understand the current situation, to avoid manipulation and successfully solve the problem, we need to learn to ask the right questions.
For example:


The original was taken here: Questions a Critical Thinker Asks


Critical thinkers community experts

Among the members of our community there are people who have the knowledge, experience and regular practice critical thinking in their daily work and life.
If you have a question or need help in the development of the practice of critical thinking, then you can ask experts on critical thinking, cooperating with our site and share your knowledge.

We encourage you to ask questions:

Evgeny Volkov – the author of the well-known project КОРНИ. Evgeny Volkov – Associate Professor of General Sociology and Social Work of the Nizhny Novgorod State University. Lobachevsky, PhD. He teaches at the University: conflictology, social engineering, practical psychology.
Aleksey Karachinskiy Alexey Karachinskiy – author online course “Introduction to Critical Thinking” (in Russian).
Elena Merzliakova – … Author of books “АнтиЛох: не дайте себя провести”, “Выжить в офисе! Школа психологической безопасности офисного работника”
Igor Khaidakin – business partner of training and consulting company Mercury Professional, author of the project “Critical thinking. Just about the complex”.



6 critical questions things to think about when someone has something to say

The original scheme can be found here: 6 critical questions things to think about when someone has something to say


V. Posner – “Critical Thinking in journalism. Art to carry interviews.”

Record Master Class V.Posner “Critical Thinking in journalism. Art to carry interviews” (Russian).